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About Stillwater

Stillwater Communications is a collective of media experts, designers, programmers, writers, and directors who specialize in integrated marketing strategies to produce optimal results. The company is owned and managed by Rachel Erin.

Rachel Erin has been directing the production of corporate identity packages, websites, interactive promotions, marketing collateral, advertising and PR campaigns for over 20 years.

The broad spectrum of works contained in the current Stillwater Communications portfolio demonstrates a philosophy that good marketing is about matching message to audience no matter what the industry, budget or medium. Best practices are taken from a cross-section of different industries and consumer types; resulting in methods that are scalable, repeatable, and evergreen.


    And if you want to get official about it, Rachel Erin's Corporate Bio

    I've been called an Organized Creative. I have a solid background in account management and business operations; so I understand The Big Picture while being passionate about the value of a good creative strategy that is well executed. My work in the past 10 years as an independent creative and marketing consultant has given me a ton of experience with a wide spectrum of project types, clients and cultures. Because of this, I'm very adaptable and like challenges and new situations. I can fit into the team, lead the team or be the team. Clients are astonished at how productive I am.

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    Why the name Stillwater?

    Oh man. I get asked this question a lot!
    The water thing could be because I’m an Aquarius or maybe because I grew up in Michigan…always adventuring about in a lake somewhere. Maybe it’s because Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies and that band is named Stillwater (also from Michigan).
    I also love, love, love the book Zen Shorts by John J. Muth, in which the protagonist is a particularly wise panda named Stillwater who is good at helping people think about
    old problems in new ways.
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