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Thank you so much for trusting Stillwater with your project! I know that hiring a creative professional can be tricky for most managers and business executives and I appreciate you giving me and my team a chance to work with you. Others just like you often wonder if we can help them as well and it would nice to have some authentic feedback to share. Do you mind?

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Rachel Rotger
Rachel Rotger
President, Managing Director

What problem did we solve for you? Were you pleasantly surprised by any part of your experience? What is the most important thing people should know about working with Stillwater? What part of your experience would make you recommend Stillwater to a friend or use us again? How was working with Stillwater different than with other marketing service providers? If Stillwater lived in a zoo, what kind of animal would it be? Did Stillwater help you learn any new skills or tricks that you will use in the future? How are things different now that you’re the happy owner of a Stillwater campaign?

    Rachel Rotger


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