Why the name Stillwater?

The water thing could be because I’m an Aquarius or maybe because I grew up in Michigan…always adventuring about in a lake somewhere. Maybe it’s because Almost Famous is one of my favorite movies and that band is named Stillwater (also from Michigan).

I also love, love, love the book Zen Shorts by John J. Muth, in which the protagonist is a particularly wise panda named Stillwater who is good at helping people think about old problems in new ways.

The ancient fable, “Still waters run deep” is a Latin proverb that has come to mean that a placid exterior hides a passionate nature. I think this is true for me and also true for many of the seemingly mundane business problems that my clients face. When we dive under the surface of things, we always seem to uncover wild and interesting opportunities.

And, no, I’ve never been to Stillwater, Oklahoma, Stillwater, Minnesota or Stillwater, New York. But I like that idea for my next road trip.


Thanks for asking!

P.S. What’s your story?